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Quick Guide

The following are the most important steps to looking at art online:
  • Decide what it is that you want to see online – identify the name
    of an artist, a style of art, a gallery or even a country.
  • Take keywords from your selection and type them into your browser.
  • Scroll through the results that your search engine brings up until you find one that looks appropriate. Use the homepage of the site to see what material is available on that site.
  • When you find a site that you like, always check out their links. These will often take you to interesting related sites that you might not otherwise find.
  • When you find a site that you like, use the tools of your browser to add
    it to your bookmark or favorites.
  • If you type ‘art online’ into your search engine you will find a number of sites that serve as portals, with links to most of the major cultural institutions of the world.
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