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Need to Have

1. Some sites that you look at may require you to download a Plug-in such as Macromedia Flash, Shockwave or QuickTime. These allow designers and developers to integrate video, text, audio, and graphics into the website. They are available as free downloads – you will usually be directed to click a button which will download the appropriate plug-in onto your computer.

2. Some sites, particularly those for children, will have printable downloads; these are often in a PDF format. These are read with Acrobat Reader which is also available as a free download.

3. If your monitor is set on 256 colours, the graphics on many sites will probably look terrible. If possible, increase the number of colours to thousands or millions of colours. This can be done by clicking on
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings.

In Colours make sure that True Colour is highlighted as shown.
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