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Final Notes

As stated in the introduction to this guide, retirement is truly a ‘lifestep’. Although the Internet is a relatively new phenomenon, it has completely changed the way we can access information. This guide has shown how one can gather relevant information to plan and enjoy retirement.

Over the past five or six years, websites have improved enormously. Government departments and local authorities have striven to improve their websites. The results of these efforts have meant that the user has benefited in two ways. The quality and ease of use of the websites have improved greatly. Also, relevance of information has also improved. Similarly, the national networks and agencies have made great improvements in their websites. For example, The Third-Age Summerhill Active Retirement Group has gone from being a small community group to a national presence on the Internet.

This guide has shown you how to find information that is relevant to the topic of retirement. The result of the Internet age is that you can access information that you need in a matter of minutes. We hope that this guide will help you as you begin the lifestep of retirement.
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