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Quick Guide

The following is a quick guide to how the Internet can be utilised for the retired (or those approaching retirement) in Ireland.
  1. Planning Retirement
    The Internet is an excellent resource for planning ahead prior to your retirement. Among the websites that provide useful information for those planning retirement are:
    - The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland (
    - Age & Opportunity (

    Hint: To search for other useful Irish websites, use a search engine such as

  2. Finance
    Retirement usually results in large change in the financial situation for the individual concerned. The Internet is extremely useful for accessing this aspect of retirement.

    - The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority website ( contains detailed information on financial matters.
    - The Pensions Board website ( is particularly useful for information on pension schemes and entitlements.
    - Other relevant websites for this area include and
    The various financial institutions also provide much information on their websites.

  3. Entitlements
    Several Government sponsored websites offer useful advice on the various entitlements available for the retired. These include:
    - The Department of Social and Family Affairs (
    - Health Boards Websites (e.g. Health Service Executive, Mid-Western Area–
    - Age and Opportunity (

  4. Health
    Information on health issues for the retired is also widely available on the internet.
    Among the most relevant sites are:
    - The Alzheimers Society of Ireland (
    - The Arthritis Foundation of Ireland (
    - The Irish Cancer Society (
    - Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (

    Please view the related guide ‘Family Health’ (or our website for a more detailed guide to the Internet resources for health resources.

  5. Social aspects of retirement
    Retirement provides individuals with enhanced time to pursue variousactivities of interest to them. Such activities could include: pursuing education,researching in their local library, or becoming involved in a retirement group.

    The following are a selection of websites that may be of interest for this topic:
    - Age Action Ireland (
    - An Chomhairle Leabharlanna’s website ( – for links and addresses to local authority library services)
    - The Third-Age Summerhill Active Retirement Group (
    - The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (
    - The Federation of Active Retirement Associations (

    To view worked examples of how the above websites can be utilised to findinformation for the retired, or those approaching retirement, please view the Step-by-Step Guide found later in this guide.
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