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Bulletin Board: An interactive section found in some websites that permits individuals to post online comments on a topic. Each bulletin board is usually based on a particular theme or topic (e.g. discussion group on a particular author, news story, sport).

Drop-down menu: A list of choices that appears when you click on a word or hold your pointer over the word.

Email: Email or electronic mail is a service that sends messages across the Internet from one human user to another. Like a letter, email is person-to-person and it stores messages until they are read.

FAQ’s: (Frequently Asked Questions)
A FAQ is a list of questions and their answers, which are commonly asked. These are published on the website of a product or service, so that the same question is not asked of the supplier, over and over again. A good example of a FAQ, which focuses on web security, is at http://www.w3org./Security/Faq/www-security-faq.html

Forum: A space where individuals may exchange views online.

Homepage: The main or introductory page of a website.

Internet: A large collection of computers, connected together to allow them to share information with one another.

Interactive Site: A site where you can post comments, remarks, questions, and receive replies from other users.

Link: A link, or hyperlink, is a part of a web page that, if clicked with a mouse, opens a different web page. Links are usually shown in blue and underlined on a webpage.

Online: A word used as shorthand for ‘on the Internet’ or ‘connected to the Internet’

Register: To register means to create an identity online. For many services, it is important that the website knows your name, address, phone number, etc. For example, if buying a book in an online bookshop, you need to provide this information. The online bookshop then records your details in a database of customers, which it later uses to post out the book to you. Registration is usually completed by filling in an online form, with fields for name, address and other information. Website: A website is a collection of web pages which displays information on a particular topic. Common types of websites include company websites (information about the company), online shops (where you buy goods and services and pay by credit card) and personal websites (where individuals share their interests). A website may consist of just one page of information, but will usually contain several pages, all linked together. All the pages in a website usually share the same ‘domain’ name. For example, all the pages in the large online shop Amazon have an address (URL) that starts with ‘’.
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