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Address bar
The long, narrow window at the top of the browser, which shows the web address (URL) of the site you are currently viewing. In Internet Explorer, the word ‘Address’ appears just to the left of the window. The address bar is automatically filled when you visit a web page. Alternatively, you can type in the address of a web page you wish to visit, and click the ‘Go’ button at the right-hand end of the window, to view that web page.

Annual returns
The information that you are legally obliged to send every year to a Government agency, for example the Companies Registration Office or the Revenue Commissioners.

Bullet points
Circles or arrows used to draw your attention to a list of items or ideas.

Words that are displayed on the screen to look as if they could be pressed – indicating that clicking on them will lead to more information.

Business plan
A written guide to the aims of a business with details of how those aims will be achieved.

Click on
To select an object or phrase on the screen by moving the mouse pointer to the object’s position and quickly pressing and releasing the button on the left of the mouse.

An alphabetical or classified list, often of names and addresses.

The process of copying a computer file from the Internet onto your own PC is called downloading. A file such as a music (MP3) file or a document is made available to the Internet by storing it on a server. To download the file, you usually click on a link to it, or else right-click and choose ‘Save target as’ (in Internet Explorer) or ‘Save link as’ (Mozilla Firefox). A box pops up asking you where on yourhard disk you want to store the file; you choose the location for storage, click the button and the file is copied onto your hard disk (or downloaded).

A risk-taker who has the skills and initiative to establish a business.

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