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The Business Plan – Help is available online.
You hear a lot of talk about writing a Business Plan and you may be unsure how to go about this. Do not worry -there is plenty of help available. Most business start-up courses will include a section on writing a Business Plan and there are also some excellent books available in bookshops and libraries. In this section of the guide we direct you to some websites that discuss the purpose of a Business Plan and give you examples of plans which you can adapt to suit your own business.

Business Plans in detail
This website contains detailed information and advice on why and how to write a Business Plan.

From the home page, click on Business Plans’, the second last item on the left of the screen

  • Click on ‘Assistance’ near the top of the same list and scroll down the screen until you find the alphabetical list ‘by category’.
  • Click on the third item, ‘Business Plans’ to go to a list of organisations which can help you develop a Business Plan. Choose the one you think best suits your needs.
Sample Business Plan
Available to download from

From this front or home page:
  • Click on ‘Start a business’ and a new page opens
  • Click on the ‘Advice’ section from the list on the left of the screen, and when the new page appears ...
  • Click on ‘Business Plan’ to go to an area of the website where you can download or print out a Business Plan Template in either PDF format or as a word document.
  • Click on the words ‘Business Plan Template’ and you can read on screen or print out in the usual way.

Other sample Business Plans are available from:, the website of a commercial company that sells business software and shareware. They also have a substantial amount of information and software available free from the site.
From the home page,
  • Click on ‘Business Plan Guide’ on the top right of the screen.
See also: Simply follow the links or search the sites using the term ‘Business Plan’.
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