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Step-by-Step Guide

Tip: Due to the plethora of sites that publish creative writing, it can be difficult to find the most relevant sites using search engines. The best way of locating sites is using the links sections of the websites of places like the Irish Writers‘ Centre ( The links section on the site we focus on first is also extensive. We have also provided a links section at the end of this guide.

The first site we will look at is ( is an Irish site that publishes online writing (short stories, poetry and novel excerpts) as well as providing discussion and bulletin board services. The site is free for first time contributors, very easy to use and regularly updated. With an extensive links section it provides a good place to begin your online writing.

Enter in your address bar.
Having arrived at the first step is to browse the material already published on the site. There are a number of ways to access content here:
Select a name from the list under new authors or select the ‘full listing of authors’.

Rather than only printing once-off pieces, this site gives you an area, allowing you to develop a portfolio of published online material. Other users can then read this material and comment using the bulletin board.
  1. Before submitting your work it is important to read the site’s conditions. Click on Join Scriobh’ for details of the site’s requirements. Having read the terms and conditions you can begin the submission process. Make sure your work is accessible to you (i.e. stored on your PC, or on a floppy disk or CD that is already in your PC) before you begin the upload process.
  2. Click on the link Click here to have your work put online’ or ‘Become a featured writer’.
  3. Click on ‘Browse’, locate the required file on your PC and double click on this to upload.
  4. At this point you can upload another file or click on ‘Continue’.
  5. At this stage you must fill in the form before completing the process. Once again click ‘Continue’ and complete the form.
  6. You have now submitted your work. This site is updated regularly and you should not have to wait too long to find out whether your work has been accepted.
If your work is accepted you will then become a featured writer, and if you wish you will be able to receive opinions/criticism of your work from other readers/writers.
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