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Quick Guide

If you have been writing and you are interested in taking the next step towards publishing this work, the Internet provides ample opportunity. The following is a quick guide to this process, which will be expanded upon in the Step-by-Step section of the guide.
  1. Use Google or another search engine to find the sites you want. Search terms such as ‘online creative writing‘ or ‘literary magazines‘ will yield the best results. If you already know the address for the site, type in the URL in the address bar.
  2. Spend some time exploring the site, find out the requirements regarding submissions, e.g. length of work, thematic requirements, etc. Read some examples of the kind of work published.
  3. Most sites will require that you register with them. This is generally a free, straightforward process that involves filling in an online form.
  4. Submit work, making sure that you have checked for grammatical and other errors. It will not, in almost all cases, be possible to correct published work, and indeed work containing grammatical errors, may not be published.
  5. If you want to participate in bulletin board discussions, read a selection of previous conversations first, to familiarise yourself with the type of feedback submitted.
  6. Follow instructions and participate in discussions.
The Internet is a way to access information about writers, books and all things literary. The following ‘Quick Guide’ provides a starting point for your Internet browsing. Detailed information and instruction is provided in the ‘Worked Example’ section of the guide.
  1. Using a search engine (for example Google enter the name of the author, book or subject you are interested in.
  2. Read over the list of results and select the most relevant.
  3. Time spent browsing through a number of the returned sites is usually worthwhile.
  4. For a free and excellent resource try the Guardian Unlimited website,
    Browse their list of authors or use their search facility in the ‘Books’ section.
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