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Quick Guide

The following are the most important steps to researching a specific health topic online:
  1. Look for sites that give the information that you require. We suggest Irish Health ( or VHI ( Information/articles reflect Irish medical practices, trends and views. Check the Links section for similar UK and international websites.
  2. If you have the option of selecting a Category, do so.
  3. If you require more detailed information than that returned by a category search, choose the search for more information option in the VHI site or related articles or external resources in the Health A to Z website.
  4. Links to other websites and information are listed under the following headings: Related Topics and Useful Resources and Health Websites.
  5. To retrieve and download some articles from medical databases and medical journals you may be required to register as a member. The forms are online and step by step instructions are given.
  6. An email address is necessary to avail of some of the interactive services such as discussion boards, queries, nurse 24/7 or experts‘ FAQ.
  7. Most support groups and societies have their own website, eg, ‘Meningitis Trust’ (, ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ (, ‘Coeliac Society’ (, ’Asthma Society’ (, etc.
  8. Remember to read all disclaimers and terms and conditions carefully.
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