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A database is a collection of information stored on a computer. The database is made up of records
– each product record might include a name, a price, a description and a picture. Databases are structured
– they contain the same sorts of information for a collection of similar items. Databases are an essential element of most computer systems, including large websites, e-shops, etc.

A large collection of computers, connected together to allow them to share information with one another.

A link, or hyperlink, is a part of a web page that, if clicked with a mouse, opens a different web page. Links are usually shown in blue and underlined on a webpage.

A word used as shorthand for ‘on the Internet’ or ‘connected to the Internet’.

Searching is the process of finding a particular word or topic within a website or on the Internet. When you search, you type in one or more words which describe what you are searching for, and a search engine program looks up a database and shows a list of links to pages that may match what you are looking for. When you search, it is up to you to have some idea of what you are looking for – you have to type in the words to search for. Searches vary in scope – many websites allow you to search the site and all its pages; bigger search engines such as Google allow you to search the whole Internet. Typing CTRL-F lets you search the web page you are looking at.

The Uniform Resource Locator, or address, of a web page. Like the phone number of a particular person, this is unique and goes direct to the web page it is associated with.

World Wide Web
Also called the WWW or the web. A service that sendsinformation over the internet from web server programs
to web browser programs. The browser then displaysthis information to the user on his computer screen.

Web page
A web page is a computer file which typically includestext, pictures, links and perhaps forms.

A website is a collection of web pages which displaysinformation on a particular topic. Common types of websites include company websites (information aboutthe company), online shops (where you buy goods andservices and pay by credit card) and personal websites(where individuals share their interests). A website mayconsist of just one page of information, but will usuallycontain several pages, all linked together. All the pagesin a website usually share the same ‘domain’ name.
For example, all the pages in the large online shopAmazon have an address (URL) that starts with‘’.
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