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Step 1: Driver Theory Test

In order to obtain a provisional driving licence in Ireland you are required to complete a Driver Theory Test.
To prepare for the Driver Theory Test you will need to obtain a copy of the ‘Official Driver Theory Test’, which is available in book & CD-Rom format from:

• Bookshops throughout the country
• The Driver Theory Test Service –
• Public Libraries in Ireland also stock this material for lending

You can find a list of relevant reading material in the online version at this at this address

Once you have studied the material you are ready to apply for the test.

How to apply
This can be done by accessing the Driver Theory Test Centre

Click on How to Book.

From here you are given the option of downloading the application form by clicking on the appropriate link.

Once opened, the application form can be printed by clicking on the File menu and then Print.

Alternatively, application forms for the driver theory test can be accessed by downloading them from which is an Irish e-government website.
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