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Worked Example 1: Teething

In this case we will endeavour to search for a website containing clear comprehensive information on the subject of teething. Teething is the time when your baby’s first teeth start pushing their way through the gums-it can be a very painful and stressful time. Teething is something which every child and parent will experience.

Find sites that are most informative on teething.
To find sites relating to teething use search engine

Finding an informative, easy to navigate site.

Type teething in the search bar and click google search.This will bring up a number of useful sites. One such site is

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Is this site better than other sites?

Comparisons with other similar sites show that this site is very informative as it deals with the subject of teething under various headings such as; baby tooth eruption, fever due to teething, pain with teething and everything you need to know about teething.

All of these topics are clickable links
Some other sites that deal comprehensively with teething are:
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