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Final Notes
By this stage, you have found the right house, had it surveyed, paid a booking deposit and appointed a solicitor. Now return to the lending institution of your choice and proceed with full mortgage approval. The lending institution will arrange a valuation of the property (and probably their own independent survey). All being well a ‘letter of offer’ will be issued to you. You can now arrange with your solicitor to sign contracts.

As soon as you sign the contract and become a home-owner there are some things you need to check out immediately.

First, make sure that you have the house properly insured. Many of the sites we viewed earlier (such as have information on insurance products.

You should also make sure that you get the correct tax credits for your new financial situation. Go to the website of the Irish Revenue Commissioners at and click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

You can now collect your keys and start paying the full repayments on your mortgage. Congratulations!
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