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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
A FAQ is a list of questions and their answers, which are commonly asked. These are published on the website of a product or service, so that the same question is not asked of the supplier, over and over again. A good example of a FAQ, which focuses on Web security, is at
Home page
The main or introductory page of a website.

A controlled environment – in a business start-up context this refers to office or workshop space in a business park that usually includes some business support services.

A large collection of computers, connected together to allow them to share information with oneanother.

Internet café
Place where you pay to use an Internet-connectedcomputer.

A link, or hyperlink, is a part of a web page that, if clicked with a mouse, opens a different web page. Links are usually shown in blue and underlined on a web page.

The opportunity to buy or sell goods and services, or the level of demand for those goods and services.
Marketing: The commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.

A word used as shorthand for ‘on the Internet’ or‘connected to the Internet’.

PDF format: (Portable Document Format)
A PDF is a type of computer file (in the same way that an MP3 or a Microsoft Word file is a type of file), which is commonly used on the Internet for presenting documents. PDFs are excellent for printing out – a printed PDF generally looks much better than a printed (HTML) Web page. PDFs are thus mainly used for material which the user is expected to print out (such as Government forms, brochures, reports), rather than material which is meant to be viewed online. PDFs require a specific piece of software, a PDF viewer, to be viewed and printed out. By far the most common PDF viewer is Adobe Acrobat, which is available for free online.

Refers to anything printed out by a computer.

Register a business
A company registered under the Companies Acts 1963-2001 becomes a body corporate – it is a separate and distinct legal person. However, simply registering a business name does not result in the creation of a separate legal entity.

Registered office
The address that is registered as the official address of a company under the Companies Registration Act.

Scrolling is the process of moving what you see on the screen upwards of downwards. This lets you view a web page, a document or some other computer material which is longer than what can be shown on a single screen-full. Scrolling is achieved using scroll-bars on the right hand side of the window that you are using to view the material. You can also scroll using the up and down arrow keys, the page-up and page-down keys and a mouse with a scroll-wheel.

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