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Irish public libraries provide access to information for all members of the community. Increasingly new technologies blend with traditional collections to enhance library services. Now, people can use their local library 24 hours per day, thanks to the application of new technologies. The public library service was quick to recognise the value that technology and in particular the Internet, could add to their service. All public library authorities, therefore, have web pages. Varying levels of information are provided, from joining requirements and branch opening hours, to digitised content from local studies collections and Ordnance Survey maps. In this guide we will highlight some of the information available on library websites.

Libraries are committed to providing access to information, and the services that they provide in the branches reflect the changes that new technology has made to the delivery of information. Core research and book-based services remain central, however, they are now supported and enhanced by online services. The Internet is available in all library branches. Many libraries also offer access to online reference tools such as newspapers and encyclopaedias. In this guide we will highlight how the Internet has been incorporated into library service, using some specific examples.
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