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Step 2

Click the link to load the ECDL Course

You should get a series of screens displayed as the course downloads to your PC. Although this course has a sound element, all the spoken words are simultaneously displayed on screen.

Figure 2: FÁS eCollege free Demo pages

Step 3

Click the link How to use this course and the on-screen tutorial will explain in 6 easy steps

  • how to navigate through the course
  • how to assess your current knowledge
  • how to view your assessment results on screen
  • how to use your personalized Learning Track
  • how to download course content about Post Assessment and viewing your results
Step 4

You can assess your current knowledge with the Pre-Assessment test. Optional pre-assessment tests are available that use performance-based testing techniques to assess your current skills and knowledge of the topics covered in the course.

Taking the pre-assessment tests is recommended as it may enable you to reduce your total learning time. Results from each pre-assessment will generate a personalised Learning Track focusing only on the topics for which you need additional attention. However, if you have no prior knowledge of the content of the course you may want to begin learning immediately.

To do so click the button Begin Course.

Figure 3: Begin Course button
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