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This document guides you through the process of searching for online sports resources including soccer, golf, snooker and GAA sites. It provides a variety of worked examples, from subscribing to text alerts via well known sporting websites to participating in a chatroom. After working through the guide you will be able to select sites relevant to your sporting interest, sign up for text alerts on your favourite team/organisation, enter a chatroom, participate in a fantasy league, and access video clips online.

Why browse sports online?
It is a convenient, immediate and relatively inexpensive method of accessing information on your sporting interests. There are a wide variety of websites now available, that provide vast amounts of information on your favourite team, club, or sporting personality. The more specialist the sport that you are interested in, the more likely it is that the Internet will be a good place to find it. You can decide what sites you are interested in and then store them as favorites to return to in your own time.

You have access to a lot more information cheaply when compared to a sporting magazine for example, which might be narrow in focus but expensive in price.

The wide selection of sporting websites available allows you to participate in chat rooms, forums, competitions and fantasy manager games. You can sign up for text alerts, photos, screensavers, and games. The interactive side adds a fun element and an opportunity to share your interests with others. If you are an Irish person abroad, for example, websites are an ideal means of staying in touch with events at home, particularly on the GAA front.
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