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This guide will help you to discover what art is available on the Internet. It will show you how to access art online, how to follow links to find sites of relevance and interest, how to locate the collections of galleries and museums around the world, how to find the work of particular artists, and even how to buy art and art-related products on the Internet. It will also include a section outlining some of the online art resources that are available for children.

Why look at art online?
While it is impossible to beat the experience of standing directly in front of a piece of art, looking at art online allows you to see a huge variety of works located all around the world. It allows you to sign up for online art newsletters that will keep you informed of current events in contemporary art. For children there are interactive art activities as well as educational sites.

What art is available online?
Almost any type of art that you can think of can be seen on the Internet. You can take a virtual tour of the Musée du Louvre or view the construction of a Tibetan Sand Mandala on the Smithsonian Institute website. You can watch an interactive web interview with Tracey Emin on the Tate website, or buy Aboriginal Art direct from the artists. What art-products are available online?

Almost every art-related item you can imagine is available online – it is just a question of finding it. You can buy original artworks, copies of artworks, posters of artworks, parodies of artworks, teapots, socks and every conceivable kind of object embellished with artworks, art supplies for creating your own artworks, art-books, art journals, art magazines, art games, art jigsaws – the list is endless.

What resources are available online for children?
There are many websites or sections of websites devoted to art-based activities for children, which are usually fun and educational. There is art-related software for children that you can download for free, and often printable downloads.

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