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Worked Example 2: Directory

For our directory search, we are going to use, and our search will be for winter gardening.

On the homepage we are shown a list of categories to choose from. It also has a search form. Under the heading of Lifestyles, click on gardening. This brings you into another page that contains subheadings in relation to gardening. We can then pick Advise by Subject, since we know the subject we will be looking for.

Next, click on Seasonal, and finally Winter. A list of sites dedicated to winter gardening are brought up.

Alternatively, instead of browsing through the catalogues in the directory, on the homepage you can choose to search the directory. Simply type Winter Gardening in the search form and click on search. You will get similar results as if you had browsed the catalogue. This is just a quicker way of getting to the end result.

With browsing it helps if you are unsure of what you are looking for. Otherwise I would recommend that you use the search facility of the directory.
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