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Worked Example: Search Engine

For this example, we are going to try and look for an evening course in Cork using We will practice Boolean searching. Our search topic is evening classes, and we have decided to narrow down our search to Cork only.

On the Google homepage type into the search form (evening+classes) AND cork. A list of possible matches will be shown.

Look through these results to see which would suit you. Let us say for this time that the first option is the best option.

Click on the link on the Google results to access the page.

On this website you can search for a course by keyword, type of class or county, or all of these options if you choose. There is also a section to search for distance learning. This site is very informative offering links to other colleges and courses. There is an added option whereby you can decide to receive a free weekly newsletter from Nightcourse by email.

The course we are going to search for is under languages – Italian. Click on Languages on the left hand side column.

Alternatively you can use the keyword section of the search form. In this case, as we are looking for Italian classes, we enter Italian here. Choose the county Cork. Click on Go.

We are brought to a list of our chosen results on Italian courses in Cork. It found three courses that might interest us in Douglas, Carrigaline and Ashton.

This is an excellent web site, easy to navigate and understand. It also has a features section with links to articles and advice on what language to choose for you.

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