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A computer program which receives requests for Web pages from browsers, gets this information from its hard disk or from another program running on the same computer and then sends it back to the browser for consumption by the human user of the browser.

Those parts of a computer that tell it what to do when you touch the hardware, and also what to show on screen. Software is made up of computer programs.

The Uniform Resource Locator, or address, of a Web page. Like the phone number of a particular person, this is unique and goes direct to the Web page it is associated with.

A malicious computer program, created by online vandals, which can damage your computer by removing or changing information stored on it. All computers connected to the Internet should have anti-virus software
installed on them and kept up to date.

Web page
A Web page is a computer file which typically includes text, pictures, links and perhaps forms. The Web page also includes instructions to the browser about how the page should look on the screen (colours, layout, etc.).

Word processor
A software program that is used to create letters and documents. Like a typing program, but including various formatting and layout options. The most common is Microsoft Word.

World Wide Web
Also called the WWW or the Web. A service that sends
information over the internet from Web server programs to Web browser programs. The browser then displays this information to the user on his computer screen.
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