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The Internet has a wealth of information on the subjects of reading, literacy achievement, and books. By using the many online resources on book reviews, authors, bookshops, kids clubs and educational resources, parents and kids have access to writers and books that they would never have read before. One of the greatest benefits of the web to readers is being able to read reviews of a book by other individuals, who are not publishers and are not trying to sell the book.

This guide is for children and teenagers who are looking for a good read, for parents who want to help their children learn to read, and for those parents who want to encourage their children to continue reading and develop their communication skills.

Some websites are geared specifically to parents and other sites are created just for kids.
I have categorised the sites listed but some sites have sections for kids as well as parents and educators. The site will be listed in the most appropriate category. I have written brief notes on the content of each site.
Although some sites are made for kids, children still need help and supervision because no site is absolutely secure. Some links may not be child friendly or indeed adult friendly and it is important to monitor your child’s viewing, just like television.

Many sites get their funding from advertising, which can be irritating when you are visiting them. Do not let it put you off if the material on the site is good. Some sites offer to sell the book at a discount. You can of course make use of this and purchase. If you are unsure about shopping online please look at the shopping online guide in this series. Remember if you do not wish to purchase, your local library will have many of the books you want and will take requests for books that are sometimes difficult to find.

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