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Step 2: Obtaining a Provisional Driving Licence

Once you have passed the Driver Theory Test you can apply for your first Provisional Driving Licence.
It is a legal requirement to hold a provisional licence in Ireland before learning to drive on public roads. To undergo the driving test, you must hold a provisional licence covering the category in which you wish to be tested.

Step-by-Step: How to apply
You can download a provisional driving licence application form from


Click on How to Apply and select the link which enables you to print out the form.
You can also request the application form by post through
You must have an email address to avail of this facility.

The website provides the option of requesting the form by post. When clicked, this link will bring you to the following screen. 


Fill in the appropriate details and when completed click on the Request form button.

A message will be sent to your email address confirming your request.

All first time provisional licence applications must be accompanied by two passport photographs, a birth certificate or passport and a completed eyesight report form.

The eyesight report form is also available on the website.

By clicking on the appropriate link you can download the form.

All first time provisional driving licence applications must be accompanied by a completed medical report form if you suffer from any of the disabilities or diseases listed on the application form, or are 70 years of age or more.

The medical report form is also available on the website.

You are advised to check in advance that your Motor Tax Office will accept downloaded application forms.
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